Proactive Tax Strategies for 6-Figure Coaches & Consultants

Tax Savvy Jessica designs powerful tax strategies that save time and money, so you can keep more of your money to build the life you want.

Proactive Tax Strategies for 6-Figure Coaches & Consultants

Tax Savvy Jessica designs powerful tax strategies that save time and money, so you can keep more of your money to build the life you want.

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Do you love your business…

But feel like you’re not making progress on your goals because of high taxes?

You own your own business. But you know there’s more to life than *just* earning a paycheck.

You’re working hard toward building an amazing life for yourself and your family.

When you show up for work, you have a picture in mind of where you want to be in the next 5, 10, 15 years.

You want to make enough money to pay your bills, save for your kids’ futures, and travel with your family a few times a year. And a little bonus money for some luxury buys here and there? That would be nice too.

Which is why you feel so frustrated with your tax bill at the end of the year.




It’s too high. It feels unfair. It’s funneling money away from your dreams and into the government’s pockets.

Here’s the thing: you know there are legal ways to lower your tax liability.

But you don’t know enough about the tax code to DIY. And you definitely don’t have enough time to figure it out on your own.

You’re way too busy living your life and running your business!

“She knows her stuff!”

“As a new business owner, I was lost when it came to filing my taxes. Quarterly tax payments? Business deductions? What are those?! Jessica cleared all this up for me. She responds quickly, is eager to help, professional, and most importantly – she knows her stuff!”

Jenn San


let’s cut to the chase.

Tax Savvy Jessica designs turnkey Tax Strategy Plans for 6-figure coaches and consultants who want to pay less in taxes, ditch the numbers stress, and free up more of their money to build their dream life.


Tax Strategy Designed for Your Business

A customized tax plan to help you finally feel at ease.

Personalized List of Deductions


Other tax professionals might suggest deductions for your business. But you’re never sure if they’ve really done enough digging into the tax code or if they really even know what they’re talking about.

Your TSJ Strategy Plan provides a comprehensive list of eligible deductions backed by years of research on tax court opinions. Jessica doesn’t guess. She knows what works and what doesn’t.

Effortless Tax Prep


Never again feel the dread of knowing you have to file and have no idea where to start. You’re running a business and living your life. You have better things to focus on than itemizations and mind-numbing forms.

With TSJ as your tax professional, everything will be taken care of from start to finish.

Optimal Business Structure Consulting


Your business structure determines which tax forms you’re required to file. But not all structures have the same tax rules.

Your TSJ Tax Strategy Plan will help you determine your ideal business structure so you can optimize your tax savings.

Get Clear & Comprehensive Explanations


Are you confused about the difference between a return and a refund? Does the thought of filling out a 1099 or a Schedule-C form make your heart race?

We kick tax jargon to the curb and explain everything you need to know in simple, straightforward terms. (We also do the dirty work of filing everything too.)

End Overwhelm


The official IRS tax code is more than 6,000 pages long…and counting. Who has time for that?

When you get a TSJ Strategy Plan, you can relax knowing we’re on top of all the potential tax savings for your business. We also keep up with changes to tax laws that could affect you…and adjust your plan when needed.

You’ll never need to worry about research, paperwork, or filing again, because we take care of everything.

“She eased my fears and gave me confidence.”

“Jessica was instrumental in helping me move forward with filling out and attaining my seller’s permit, walking me through the form, answering my questions, explaining the tax jargon I didn’t understand, and outlining what step(s) I needed to take next. She eased my fears and gave me the confidence that taxes do not need to be overwhelming.

If you are in need of some help or advice when it comes to taxes, look no further! Jessica will have you feeling empowered and confident when it comes to this topic.”

Hypegirl Healing


How To Get Started With Your Personalized Tax Strategy

Feel empowered to build the life you want by keeping more of your hard-earned money.

Find Your Fit

Take a quick quiz to find the package that fits your needs.

Apply Online

Fill out the Client Application Form after viewing the details of your recommeneded package. 

Get started

Once your account is active, we’ll reach out to schedule a 20 minute introductory meeting where we’ll review the steps needed to kick-start your tax saving plan.

Why Tax Savvy Jessica?


Proactive Tax Strategy

You don’t want a passive tax “pro” who files your return with a software program and calls it a day.

You want a forward-thinking strategist who’s already thinking about next year’s deductions.


Commitment to Integrity

Some dishonest tax pros overinflate client savings by filing risky deductions that wouldn’t stand a chance in tax court.

TSJ saves her top clients an average of $20K their first year without taking audit flagging risks.


Less Money to the Government. More Money to YOU.

Don’t let taxes kill your take-home earnings.

Having a solid strategy in place makes sure you’re keeping as much of your money as possible.

Professional Expertise in IRS Audit Defense

Being selected for an audit doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve done anything wrong.

But that doesn’t change the fact that dealing with the IRS can be incredibly stressful.

Having an IRS Audit Defense expert in your corner can mean the difference between losing sleep over anxiety and approaching an audit with ease.

Tax Savvy Jessica is an Enrolled Agent authorized to represent taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service and USTCP candidate which upon her appointment will be authorized to represent taxpayers as a non-attorney before the U.S. Tax Court.

Her extensive experience with IRS representation means she can easily defend her tax positions by citing tax court precedent.


Ready to get started?

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