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The Essentials Package

The fundamental tax services you need for small business success PLUS a personalized tax savings plan.

Tax Savvy Jessica knows…

There’s more to life than taxes.

Sure, paying your taxes is part of the gig.

But running your own business is so much more than “just” earning a paycheck and making sure your quarterly estimates are done.

You’re chasing success because you want to create a remarkable life for yourself and your family.

Working hard today means getting you one step closer to your vision of the future…whatever that looks like for you.

TSJ doesn’t view managing your taxes as a list of boxes to be checked and papers to be filed.

Jessica keeps your ultimate goals in mind when creating a custom tax strategy so that you’re positioned to create the life you really want.




What We Offer

The Essentials


Twice a year Check-ins


Tax Deadline Reminders


Tax Account Monitoring


Tax Preparation


Tax Saving Plan


Secure Portal


Chat Support


Exclusive Client Resources


For sole proprietors and single-member LLCs


or 3 payments of $1,150

Our fees for services are tax-deductible

*90 day committment is required


For entities taxed as corporations or partnerships


or 3 payments of $1,550

Our fees for services are tax-deductible

*90 day commitment required

Package Details

Tax Strategy Check-ins

During our check-in, we’ll meet for 50 minutes to ensure your tax strategy is reaching its maximum potential. 

Tax Deadline Reminders

End the hassle of remembering all of your tax compliance due dates. Our team will send email reminders of your upcoming tax deadlines to keep you on track during the year.

Tax Account Monitoring

Each year, millions of IRS and state tax notices are sent to taxpayers requesting additional information or reporting discrepancies on tax returns. Our team is ready to review and respond to tax notices you may receive.

Income Tax Preparation

Our team is committed to keeping up with the latest changes to tax laws. Rest assured your personal and business income tax returns are prepared accurately.

Tax Saving Plan

Our team has researched and selected the best tax strategies to save you money. These tax strategies are IRS-approved. 

24/7 Access to Secure Portal

Whether you need late-night access to your tax documents or the ability to sign a tax return while vacationing with your family, our secure portals available at your fingertips right from your smartphone.


Our team is available to support you at tax time and beyond so you can get your tax questions answered without the worry of a surprise bill. You’ll have access to our secure chat right from your smartphone. 

Exclusive Client Resources

Our exclusive client resources include access to webinars covering topics such as retirement planning and upcoming changes to the tax code, our Deduction Guide for Freelancers filled with expenses you can and can’t deduct in your business, and video tutorials with step-by-step instructions for things like how to make payments to the IRS.

How it Works



Complete our client application form, confirm your package selection, sign your contract, and remit your payment. 



At onboarding, we’ll meet for 20 minutes to review the steps needed to kick-start your tax saving plan.



Our team will communicate with you throughout our engagement of the actions needed on your part. 



At check-ins, we’ll meet for 50 minutes to confirm you’re on track for tax time. 


Tax Time

At tax time, our team prepare your tax returns. 

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